Starting and continuing a small business is hard work, and it is easy for a small business owner to feel overwhelmed.  Thankfully, there are several government programs designed to relieve some stress, at least when it comes to generating revenue.  Each of these programs offers significant opportunities for qualified small businesses to compete for government … Continued

Your estate planning documents are critically important to you and your loved ones.  They do everything from helping pay the bills when you cannot, advise doctors and hospitals about your treatment preferences, and distribute your assets after you pass away.  With so much on the line, here are a few tips for safeguarding your estate … Continued

There are many reasons people become landlords.  Being a landlord is a great opportunity to make income while positively affecting the lives of others.  Of course, being a landlord also creates many rights and obligations between you and your tenant.  While you may not be required to have a written lease agreement with your tenant, … Continued

The old saying goes “you can’t legislate morality.”  While that may be true, you can always try.  Federal and state governments use the law to influence behavior every day.  For Georgia individuals who want to provide some additional incentives or restrictions to their family’s inheritance, Georgia law on “Incentive Trusts” may allow them to use … Continued

Possible Liability for Social Media Posts, Tweets, and Comments The internet has made it easier than ever to speak to large numbers of people quickly.  While the rise of social media and comments sections on webpages have certainly been a positive development, the law has been slow to catch up with the information age.  Here … Continued