Business owners work hard for years to build and grow their company.  As both the owners and the company mature, however, it is natural to consider what to do with the business when the current owner is no longer in charge.  It is important to have a business succession plan to ease the transition process.  … Continued

With the Georgia real estate market beginning to show signs of life, now may be the time for many families to buy a second, rental or vacation home or even upgrade to their dream home while keeping their current home as a rental.  In Atlanta, the median home price rose in the second quarter of … Continued

If you haven’t heard of websites such as Kickstarter, Crowdfunder, Indiegogo, or RocketHub, chances are that you soon will.  These are the websites that are leading the charge in the new phenomenon of “crowdfunding.  If you are starting a business and looking for investors, it may be worth your time to consider the use of … Continued

The United States Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act stole much of the spotlight for the Court over the past few week but just prior to that decision, the Court’s ruling in Arizona v. United States was dominating the headlines.  You may remember Georgia’s 2011 immigration law that caused such heated debates?  Well, … Continued