Email, Facebook, Dropbox, Google, and a host of other web services make it easier than ever for you to keep in touch with friends, family, and even customers.  Additionally, electronics such as thumb-drives, laptops, and portable hard drives make transporting important personal and business files more convenient than ever before.  While the benefits of such … Continued

Owning and operating a small business is becoming more and more common for more and more people.  As technology continues to expand resources and as online companies like Google continue to place more and more emphasis on being “local”, the small business owner has continued to make his return.  And, when done right, there will … Continued

You’ve worked hard to set up your business, and feel you have a lot you can teach up and coming young talent.  For many business owners offering internships, especially for the summer, seems like a win-win.  You get some temporary help during a time many employees take vacations, and you also get to mentor and … Continued

Businesses love growth and hiring new workers is the key to growth.  Problems may arise, however, when businesses try to define their relationship with newly hired workers.  Is a newly hired worker an employee?  Or, is the newly hired worker an independent contractor? It may be tempting to classify workers as independent contractors because employers … Continued

 April 17th has come and gone.  Hopefully, you are like most Americans and Uncle Sam owes you a refund.  This year the average refund was just a shade under $3,000.  While it is tempting to spend your refund on that cruise to the Bahamas, your refund can be put to hard work for you.  Below … Continued