Gifting to a minor, whether lifetime or upon death, can be an excellent opportunity to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of a child or grandchild.  Oftentimes, lesser gifts, such as small presents or minor cash amounts, are given outright to the minor.  This practice helps the minor learn the value of money by giving them … Continued

Believe it or not, our divorce rate has been declining for years.  But, before saying “I do”, many people consider whether they should have a prenuptial agreement . . . just in case.  It doesn’t always mean they think they are going to get a divorce.  They may have family assets or other specific arrangements that … Continued

Considerations and Suggestions for an Increasingly Digital World Before you can plan with your digital assets, you may need to know exactly what digital assets are.  Digital assets are any electronic file, picture, composition, creation, right, or other proprietary interest in an online or digital format or service.  This seemingly exhaustive list is meant to … Continued

 Whether you are looking for a new job, first job, or simply want to plant the seeds for a future career search, it is important to understand and sharpen your job hunting skills.  Here are five tips that will help you get ahead of the pack in looking for a new job in the digital … Continued

The United States Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act stole much of the spotlight for the Court over the past few week but just prior to that decision, the Court’s ruling in Arizona v. United States was dominating the headlines.  You may remember Georgia’s 2011 immigration law that caused such heated debates?  Well, … Continued