Challenge your Atlanta Parking Ticket Online ruins your day more than walking back to your car and seeing a parking ticket tucked under your wiper.  Thankfully, the City of Atlanta has added a brand new feature that allows you to challenge your Atlanta parking tickets online.


Welcome to the Digital Age

Park Atlanta has always been great about letting you pay your citation online, but until recently you had to physically come into their downtown office or mail in your citation dispute form.  Recently, Park Atlanta began accepting these citation dispute forms online and by email.  Park Atlanta does, however, require several things if you want to contest your ticket online.

1. You have 14 days to contest the ticket

Rain or shine, weekday or weekend, holiday or normal day you only have a limited amount of time to contest your ticket.  Contest the ticket as soon as you get back, or even on the spot on your phone!

2. Just the Facts, Ma’am

Park Atlanta requires certain information to file your complaint online.  You must have the parking ticket number, the date of your violation, and any attachment you wish to submit with the complaint.  Additionally, you have to submit your side of the story as an affidavit.  The affidavit is a sworn statement under penalty of perjury which can lead to criminal prosecution.  Do not lie, mislead, or “spin” the facts on the affidavit.  It’s not worth the $25.

3. My Day in Court

By agreeing to online submission, you state you wish to appear in court and be provided with the opportunity to confront, and be confronted, by witnesses.  Park Atlanta states in bold, red, capital letters on the bottom of the submission form that the court may impose a penalty “up to $1,000” if you lose on appeal. Thus, the time and hassle of appearing in court can be a serious drain on your pocket book and mental health.   So, pick your battles and make sure you have a good case.

Good Luck!


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