Job Hunting in the Digital Age Whether you are looking for a new job, first job, or simply want to plant the seeds for a future career search, it is important to understand and sharpen your job hunting skills.  Here are five tips that will help you get ahead of the pack in looking for a new job in the digital age.


  1. Prepare!
    Before you jump feet first into a job search, it is extremely important to review your personal online presence.  Do a quick Google, Bing, or Yahoo search of your name or your most recent/current employer to make sure there are no errors or items that should be taken down.  Go through your social networks and edit your pictures, comments, likes, and other shared items to make sure there is nothing a recruiter, or anyone else, would find offensive.  Finally, consider making a personal webpage or blog to give employers a convenient method to access examples of your work portfolio, skills, and other professional achievements.
  2. Tackle the Internet!
    Websites such as Careerbuilder, Hotjobs, and Craigslist, let you search a large number of employers while simultaneously allowing you to narrow your search by occupation, salary, location, or other criteria.

    Online groups focused on your area of expertise can be a great method of online job hunting.  Becoming an active member of these sites may give you access to job postings that you cannot find on the larger search engines.

  3. Social Media
    Use your social media.  Sites such as Linkedin specifically cater to job searches by having your profile reflect a more professional version of yourself than Facebook or Twitter.  But don’t forget to use Facebook and Twitter either, check your network to see who may be able to help you out.
  4. Pound the Pavement
    Don’t let your computer keep you from diversifying your job search.  An online strategy is vital but the old fashioned method of simply pounding the pavement is equally as important.  Even in today’s world, it is hard to beat simply arriving in a nice suit with a crisp resume in your hands.  Talk to your friends and colleagues and see who they might be able to put you in front of.  “Knowing someone who knows someone” is still the most efficient method of job hunting.
  5. Stay Positive
    Job searching can be a draining process if you let it be.  Staying positive will be the most important aspect of your job search.  A routine will help.  “Clock in” and “clock out” at the same time each day so that you stay on a normal business schedule.  Also take time to exercise and cook healthy meals.  And don’t forget to have fun.  You will be surprised how much it will help.


–            Norris Legal, L.L.C.


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