There are many ways you can contest, or “caveat” a will.  Undue influence is one of the biggest reasons people contest a will.  What is undue influence, and how can you use it to contest a will in Georgia (or protect your will from undue influence claims)? What is Undue Influence? In a nutshell, undue … Continued

As a wise man once said: “Here’s to alcohol: the cause of, and answer to, all of life’s problems.”  People with alcohol sale permits and people serving alcohol to guests need to be especially careful when serving guests or patrons.  Here is some information on Georgia’s “Dram Shop” and social host liability laws.   Dram … Continued

Why it Matters and What You Can Do to Avoid It “Having your cake and eating too” is an infamous phrase within the estate planning community which relates to the concept of giving property away (for estate tax purposes) but retaining its use and enjoyment.  At the end of this year, the Tax Relief, Unemployment … Continued

Nothing ruins your day more than walking back to your car and seeing a parking ticket tucked under your wiper.  Thankfully, the City of Atlanta has added a brand new feature that allows you to challenge your Atlanta parking tickets online.   Welcome to the Digital Age Park Atlanta has always been great about letting … Continued