Here at Legaleeze, we work hard and we play hard.  Thankfully, Atlanta is a city with a rich variety of interesting and exciting places to visit.  So whether you are in town for the first time or thousandth, here are seven big Atlanta attractions you should check out.   1. The Georgia Aquarium The Georgia Aquarium … Continued

Introduction Both the United States and Georgia Constitution guarantee citizens the right to “keep and bear arms.”  However, these rights are not absolute, and the overlay of federal and state law further complicate the ability to find clear, concise answers to handgun use and ownership.  This article will help decipher some of the more common … Continued

Gifting to a minor, whether lifetime or upon death, can be an excellent opportunity to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of a child or grandchild.  Oftentimes, lesser gifts, such as small presents or minor cash amounts, are given outright to the minor.  This practice helps the minor learn the value of money by giving them … Continued

Business owners work hard for years to build and grow their company.  As both the owners and the company mature, however, it is natural to consider what to do with the business when the current owner is no longer in charge.  It is important to have a business succession plan to ease the transition process.  … Continued