The United States Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act stole much of the spotlight for the Court over the past few week but just prior to that decision, the Court’s ruling in Arizona v. United States was dominating the headlines.  You may remember Georgia’s 2011 immigration law that caused such heated debates?  Well, … Continued

Email, Facebook, Dropbox, Google, and a host of other web services make it easier than ever for you to keep in touch with friends, family, and even customers.  Additionally, electronics such as thumb-drives, laptops, and portable hard drives make transporting important personal and business files more convenient than ever before.  While the benefits of such … Continued

Owning and operating a small business is becoming more and more common for more and more people.  As technology continues to expand resources and as online companies like Google continue to place more and more emphasis on being “local”, the small business owner has continued to make his return.  And, when done right, there will … Continued

Recently, Suzanna De Baca wrote an excellent article for Time Magazine titled “Your Adult Child is Moving Home: Should You Charge Rent?[1]”  You can read the article here:  While De Baca ultimately concluded whether to charge rent to be a personal decision, she made several good points worthy of further consideration.   From the … Continued

Your 401(k) is a big part of your retirement portfolio.  While advisors do much of the “behind the scenes” work to make sure your investments grow, you have the power to decide one of the most important aspects of your 401(k) – your beneficiary designation (i.e. who inherits the remainder).  401(k) accounts have beneficiary designations … Continued