After reading “Do YOU Need a Will”, you might think: “I do, but it is expensive to have a lawyer do it.  I can do it online much cheaper and easier”.  Standard form wills found in big box retailers and online websites are a tempting alternative to having a lawyer draft your will.  While a … Continued

You’ve worked hard to set up your business, and feel you have a lot you can teach up and coming young talent.  For many business owners offering internships, especially for the summer, seems like a win-win.  You get some temporary help during a time many employees take vacations, and you also get to mentor and … Continued

Businesses love growth and hiring new workers is the key to growth.  Problems may arise, however, when businesses try to define their relationship with newly hired workers.  Is a newly hired worker an employee?  Or, is the newly hired worker an independent contractor? It may be tempting to classify workers as independent contractors because employers … Continued

Despite the ease and relatively low cost to make a Will, many people still do not have a Will.  Some may think they are too young.  Others may think that they are in good health; or, that their heirs will just divide their property fairly for them.  Unfortunately, the truth is more complicated.  You may … Continued

If you are anything like most pet owners, you love your pets and treat them as a member of your family (and sometimes even better!)  Many people assume their animals will die before they do, or that someone in their family will take care of their pets after their death.  But sometimes, your family may … Continued