In Georgia, if you die without a Will, the laws of Georgia determine your heirs for you.  Below is a non-exhaustive list of the people who will take from your estate if you die “intestate”.  People on top take before those below.

 April 17th has come and gone.  Hopefully, you are like most Americans and Uncle Sam owes you a refund.  This year the average refund was just a shade under $3,000.  While it is tempting to spend your refund on that cruise to the Bahamas, your refund can be put to hard work for you.  Below … Continued

What Beneficiary Designations mean and why they matter For most people, “estate planning” means drafting documents (such as a Last Will and Testament) that makes sure that your property is managed and distributed according to your wishes.  Drafting documents is the foundation of estate planning, but people who own retirement accounts, life insurance or other … Continued

Having a company vehicle may be a good way for your business to deliver items and personnel to your customers.  Additionally, the IRS may allow you to deduct certain expenses for the operation and maintenance of company vehicles. The easiest thing is to purchase automobiles in the name of your company when you make the … Continued

Everyday you make hundreds of choices when managing your affairs.  Designating a power of attorney is greatly important for all adults because it gives a trusted person authority to manage your affairs in the event you lose the ability to make them yourself.  The following is a helpful guide for Georgia residents to consider in … Continued